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El Potrero Chico Climb

El Potrero Chico
El Potrero Chico




6 Days

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El Potrero Chico




6 Days

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Join Us On El Potrero Chico Climb

El Potrero Chico is the best multi-pitch sport-climbing destination in the Americas. Located in Northeastern Mexico, and surrounded by steep limestone mountains, cliffs, and canyons, the destination has climbing from 5.6 to 5.14 in difficulty, and includes hundreds of single pitch and multi-pitch routes up to 50 pitches long! Although most of the climbing is bolted, there are also many traditional (trad) routes following beautiful crack lines.
For those with previous indoor climbing experience or outdoor sport climbing experience, El Potrero Chico is the perfect destination to improve your movement on real rock while practicing skills for multi-pitch and alpine rock climbing. Short approaches, safely bolted routes, cheap (and insanely delicious) tacos, and friendly locals make the climbing and travel experience world-class.
During rest days enjoy a trip to a local hot spring, explore the weekly market, go hiking, or visit a nearby cave. And of course eat at one of the many delicious restaurants offering authentic Mexican fare at penny-pincher prices. There is good reason that climbers from around the world make EPC their home during the winter months.

Skills Taught During El Potrero Chico Climb:

This course is customized to the abilities and goals of students. Course content often includes the following:

  • Overview of equipment used for multi-pitch sport climbing
  • How to use a guidebook to find a route and read a route topo
  • Rope management: Stacking, flaking, coiling, stacking rope on the tie-in
  • Anchor construction for single and multi-pitch sport climbing
  • Lead belaying
  • The lead climbing sequence and vocal commands
  • Setting-up and managing a multi-pitch belay station
  • Transitions at the belay
  • Rock climbing movement skills: balance, footwork, application of oppositional forces, body position, hand and finger position, staying calm while climbing
  • The opportunity to climb many single and multi-pitch routes that are appropriately challenging.
  • Methods of preparing and throwing the rope for rappels
  • Technical descents, including techniques for fast and efficient rappelling as a group of two or three and the use of lowering for faster descents.
  • Duration
    6 Days
    Need to Enter


    • Transportation to/from Monterrey airport
    • Group climbing equipment (rope, anchors, protection)
    • Group medical kit
    • Guide services and instruction

    • Food
    • Lodging
    • Airfare
    • Personal climbing equipment and clothing
    • Travel and evacuation insurance
    Day 1: Arrival

    Arrive at Monterrey International Airport and be picked-up by private car. Drive 1 hr. to your lodging near Potrero Chico Parque. Depending on the time of your arrival we may begin instruction this day, or we may settle-in and go out to dinner at a local restaurant and pack for tomorrow. Generally we do a gear check and talk about what to look for when picking-out equipment for El Potrero Chico climbing.

    Day 2:

    After breakfast we head to a cliff with climbs that are suitable for the abilities of those in our group. These will be either single-pitch routes or short multi-pitch routes. We work on our climbing movement skills, anchor construction, and multi-pitch belay construction. We head to a restaurant for dinner and rest for the big day tomorrow.

    Day 3:

    We wake early and approach a multi-pitch route. We spend the entire day climbing and descending the route, or if the route is short or we are efficient, we do two multi-pitch routes this day. Students with previous outdoor sport leading experience can lead portions of the climb. We again head to dinner at another restaurant to celebrate our big day

    Day 4:

    Another day of multi-pitch climbing, with students taking charge at belays and leading portions of the route when appropriate. Students will decide the most efficient way to use the rope to ascend and descend the route. Students with previous lead climbing experience can lead portions of the route when appropriate.

    Day 5:

    This day is student choice. We may do another multi-pitch route or focus on other skills. Often we focus on further developing movement skills or further developing technical skills. If the focus is movement skills we will choose single-pitch routes where students can climb at a grade that is challenging for them while receiving feedback from the instructor. If choosing technical skills, we will focus on developing rescue skills that can be applied if the lead climber is injured in a fall and unable to be easily lowered to the ground. Rescue practice will take-place on the ground at first and then will be applied realistically on the side of a cliff.

    Day 6:

    Today is our goodbye. After breakfast students depart by private car for Monterrey and then by plane for home. Students can also stay and climb on their own after the course has finished.