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Glacier Hike Day Trip
$225 │ - 1 Days
Alpine Ice Climbing Leadership Course
$1940 │ Washington - 6 Days
Alpine Climbing Overview


$1940 - 2880





$1940 - 2880




Climber to Guide Ratio Varies


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The Miyar Adventures Alpine Climbing Leadership Program (ACLP) is designed to prepare students to plan and carry-out their own expeditions on alpine climbing objectives the world-over. The program is especially beneficial to those looking to improve their ability as outdoor leaders, such as aspiring guides, mountain rescue professionals, outdoor educators, and leaders of nonprofit and educational climbing programs.

Objectives this program prepares students for may include technical rock and ice climbs in the Cascades, massive glacier climbs in Alaska, or high altitude expeditions in the Himalaya. Students will not only learn and practice on significant climbs, but will also be given the opportunity to teach. Past students have taught in a variety of contexts. Some have taught rock climbing and led glacier climbs in the Pacific Northwest while others have provided training to Sherpas in Nepal who work on 8,000m peaks like Everest.

The program consists of four field courses, four seminars, and an exam that requires students to lead instructors on a complex alpine climbing objective and perform mock-rescues in the field.

Individual field courses and seminars may be taken on their own without completing the entire program. The entire program may be completed in a single season or spread-out over several years. A certificate of completion and written assessment will be provided by instructors after completing the entire program including the Alpine Climbing Leadership Program Exam.

Seminars (these take place in a park or classroom):

  1. Teaching in an Outdoor Setting (3 hrs over two sessions)
  2. Modern Wilderness Navigation (1.5 days)
  3. Advanced Crevasse Rescue (3 Days)
  4. Rock Rescue (2 Days)

Exam (5 Days in the mountains)

  • Once students complete the courses and seminars for the program we will work with them to set-up a five-day exam. Students will lead the instructor on a climb while responding to mock-scenarios. Instructors create a supportive learning environment designed to help students understand their strengths and areas where they can further develop as a mountain leader and educator.

Skills Covered:

6 to 30+ Days
Not needed for US citizens


  • Pots and Stoves
  • Tents
  • Group climbing equipment
  • Guide Services

  • Transportation
  • Parking or entry fees (when applicable)
  • Food or drinks
  • Accommodation before or after the trip/course
  • Personal clothing
  • Personal climbing equipment (rentals available)
  • Gratuities for guides
  • I did the Intro to Rock climbing course last summer and really enjoyed it, The right kind of setup/ preparation and structure for a beginner ( with intermediate level opportunity on demand ). Miyar provided all gear and guidance and answered all questions. Safety and fun were both top priority. Looking forward to go to Kili and Himalayas with Miyar in near future.
  • Intro to rock climbing on Mt. Tooth. I had done fair amount of rock climbing and bouldering inside the safety of the gym, and I was always skeptic of rock climbing outside, until I met the owner of Miyar adventures "Sandeep Nain". He asked me to come out with him on a small outing in to a nearby mountain called Mt Tooth in the PNW. it was supposed to be a 1:1 climb and I was surprised that to make me comfortable he had bought in another lead at his expense. With a 2:1 guide to student ratio I knew I was going to be okay. Not only was it professionally and well organized, I felt Sandeep and Ben (additional lead) went beyond what was expected of them to make me feel good about climbing outside. I would totally recommend Sandeep's Miyar adventures over other bigger companies because they gave importance to my personal goals and unlike the other bigger companies out there which treats you without much respect, Sandeep and Miyar adventures took genuine interest in my limits, goals and treated me with a lot of respect. I ended up doing another course "Mt. Denali prep course" and looking forward to a few other outings with Miyar adventures in the near future. I hear their trip to Kilimanjaro is a real success, and will totally be checking it out next year.
  • Girl Rock Climber

    I had done some rock climbing 20 years back but did not have confidence of getting onto the rock again. I did not like the climbing walls in the gym with their big rounded holds which almost feel slippery. I had almost given up on climbing when I found about Sandeep's Intro to Rock Climbing Course. Knowing about his Rainier climb leader role, I knew it will be a great learning experience. I did the course on Sept 7th. Starting with the basics, Sandeep made it so easy that in a short time we were not only ready to try harder routes but were also ready to belay the fellow climbers under his guidance. Even though we were climbing in a pretty safe environment, he made sure that we follow the safety measures and wanted us to make it a habit. He says all of us are ready to pass the belayer certificate test at the local gym. I better attempt that before I forget the basics :).

    Jyoti Gawade
  • Rock Climbing

    I took the Intro To Outdoor Rock Climbing Course August 24th and had a great time! The instruction given by Sandeep Nain was well organized and detailed. Our infield curriculum included review and practical applications of climbing gear, climbing knots, climbing commands, belay techniques, climbing ethics and of course safety, which Sandeep emphasized throughout this one day course. Our group then had the opportunity to do 5+ top rope climbs on routes varying in difficulty, great work out! On top of meeting some great people we finished the day with a dip in the river! You can't beat that! I highly recommend this course.

    Thomas Conway
  • Climbing at the Tooth at Snoqualmie Pass near Seattle

    As a newbie to rock climbing, I took the intro to outdoor rock climbing with Miyar Adventures. Our lead instructor, Sandeep was great and so was his assistant who joined us for the course training at Gritscone. As a group of five, we were able to tackle five climbs in one day ranging from 5.5 to 5.9. This allowed each climber more opportunities to practice the techniques, work on the commands, and gain experience with various rock formations. It’s a great value esp. considering we were a small group. Sandeep is a knowledgeable climber and a genuinely nice person. We hung out for a bit after the course and had great conversations with interesting people!

    Jeff Permuy.