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  • I have never done any activity on snow and I am a newbie hiker...It is unbelievable that I actually got to climb Rainier, starting from where I was. I give all the credit to Sandeep. He makes beginners like me get comfortable and build up on the skills and make their dreams become achievable...If you ever want to climb any mountain, I strongly recommend Miyar Adventures, without any doubt.
    Prema Grandhi
  • Excellent experience with Miyar and Sandeep when climbing Rainier this year. I was not even sure if I can do it. Sandeep helped me through out the training and kept me motivated. If not for Miyar and Sandeep I don't think I would have summited Rainier.
    Abhishek Chaturvedi
  • I did the intro to Mountaineering course and got so much more out of it than I expected. I figured that we would just learn some basic skills and techniques, but our instructor Sandeep really went the extra mile. Beyond the lessons of ice ax arrests and general snow climbing, I learned a ton about mountaineering culture and ethics which really helped me feel comfortable climbing alongside the professionals. By the end I felt very confident in my new ability and couldn't wait to get out again. Seriously, I could not wait. The next weekend I rented gear from Miyar Adventures and was able to climb Mt. Adams on my own! I can't wait for more adventures!
    Richard Buzzard
  • I took intro to Mountaineering course by Sandeep. It was great trip. I learnt some mountaineering/backpacking skills. The hike up and the campsite had amazing views. On Friday, Sandeep did a informative mountaineering presentation and checked the gear. He let us borrow some missing gear like iceaxe, sleeping bag, puffy jackets, helmet, rope, etc. On the mountain he taught us safe glissading, self arrest, knots, side walking, walking with rope, safety and other important skills. Overall I had heck of a weekend, got to meet cool people and got a mountaineering bug which is already itching me to hike up camp muir and Mt. Adams
    Amar Tamersi
  • This trip was great and worth every cent! Our guide Glen was excellent. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I was nervous about my first overnight in the snow but once I met our guide I knew he would keep us safe. It was a wonderful time and I learned so much! I will definitely be back for another adventure! Great company!
  • This was my first experience snowshoeing, and I had the best one. No just because of the location, but all the information and well-taught technics provided it by our guide. Super professional and knowledgeable. A great friendly company, highly recommended. Now I'm getting ready for my next trip with them; Mount Baker here I come.