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September 17, 2021
mount baker climb trip report

Mount Baker Climb Trip Report July 2019

Team Miyar’s climb of Mount Baker via the Easton Glacier on July 26-28th. All eight team members met at the Brickyard park and ride at 7am on Friday July 27th.  Getting to finally meet everyone in person after weeks of planning was great; Jian, Yanyan, Casper, Hua, Colin, Rahul, and guides Simon and Matt. We did some magically rearranging to fit three days’ worth of climbing gear into two tiny cars and we headed north to the trailhead. After stopping for an essential coffee break, we arrived at the […]
September 30, 2021
A group of hikers with backpacks and trekking poles standing in front of Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier Backpacking Trip Report

Rainier Backpacking Trip Report (July 30 – August 2, 2021) Backpacking Route: Sunrise Trailhead -> Berkeley Camp -> Glacier Basin Camp -> Sunrise Camp By: Miyar Adventures Guide – Diem Duong Day 1: Sunrise Trailhead to Berkeley Camp | Distance: 3.8miles | Elevation: 580 gain/1300 loss Backpacking in Mount Rainier National Park is such a treat and I look forward to it every year. Today myself and my Co-guide Anne met our Miyar Adventures group […]
September 17, 2021

Mount Rainier Trip via Disappointment Cleaver Trip Report

  Mount Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver Trip Report       Mount Rainier Day 0: 28 June 2016 The first Asha Teams met for the Mt. Rainier climb on Tuesday morning. Ongoing roadwork had only served to increase the anticipation as we drove through the park on our way to Paradise. At the overnight parking lot Kirk, Ben and I met the teams who had been preparing for months for this trip. After initial gear […]
October 4, 2021

New season new goals: Training for winter sports in the PNW

New season new goals: Training for winter sports in the PNW By: Megan Marolf Some of us mourn the end of summer’s long days and all the outdoor possibilities the season offers. With greater snow instability and chilly night time temperatures, getting outside for big adventures just doesn’t work as well this time of year. But for us hearty Pacific Northwest locals, winter doesn’t scare us.
January 3, 2015
Meet the oldest female to climb Kilimanjaro at the age of 86 years, 267 days

Oldest female to climb Kilimanjaro at the age of 86 years

July 2, 2015
Sammamish mom goes from occasional hiker to summit of Rainier

Sammamish mom summits Rainier | Miyar Adventures

Original article posted on www.theeastside.news by David Hayes. Mauli Desai of Sammamish was afraid of being a working mom and housewife who never gets the opportunity to fulfill the dreams or her youth. “She also wanted to challenge herself and set an example for the kids by doing something extraordinary,” said her husband Parthiv. So Mauli aimed high in search of her challenge — 14,410 feet to be precise — and focused on the summit […]