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Miyar was founded for one reason - our passion for climbing. As a trip organizer we are meticulous about safety. It is the overarching concern as we plan all aspects of our trips. As an organization we have a healthy respect for our peers and we understand that many of them share our passion for climbing and concern for safety. We therefore strive to be different in the little details of our journey.

Each trip that you make is a multi-dimensional affair- especially when you travel far and cross national boundaries. People, languages, cultures, food, music, art - each of them adds a rich flavor to your experience. While our emphasis is on hiking and climbing, we try to ensure ample opportunities for our customers to encounter and appreciate other facets of the route and destination. In most cases this is possible naturally with a little extra thought and without incurring significant additional expense.

We provide personal attention to each customer before and during a trip. We maintain a low client to guide ratio on all of our trips to ensure better attention to the needs and desires of our guests. Each of our international trips is personally managed by Sandeep to ensure direct personal coordination. Based in the US he also ensures a smoother transition for beginners as they travel beyond their culture and comfort zones.

We arrange information sessions for our customers so that they are better prepared to enjoy and succeed during the actual trip. In the course of such preparation, we also enable and encourage networking among the group members of a trip. This bonding exercise helps immensely in the preparation for the trip and once we are spending time together in the mountains.

Our guides are well prepared to tackle adverse situations should they arise during a trip. Our guides have relevant training and experience, including internationally recognized training and certification through the American Mountain Guides Association and medical training at the First Responder level.

We cherish diversity in a trip. We believe that the joy of climbing should be accessible to anyone with the will to climb. We therefore try to accommodate diverse requests from our guests related to health, age, food restrictions or preferences etc. We can provide guidance and assistance on any aspect of a trip while you are preparing mentally and physically for the same. For us each trip with each customer is a journey that commences well before the actual trip and goes far beyond the date of return.

Miyar Adventures provides rock climbing adventures and quality instruction for rock climbing. Our certified guides love sport climbing, traditional (trad) climbing, ice climbing, and alpine climbing and are excited to share that experience with you. We're based in Seattle, Washington so we have a great selection of rock climbing areas to choose from including: the Snoqualmie area, Mount Erie in Anacortes, Index, the North Cascades and more!